Ben S. of Stedman Computer Solutions.
Owner / Senior IT Consultant

Jesse F. of Stedman Computer Solutions CT
New England Operations / IT Consultant

Stedman Computer Solutions was founded by Benjamin Logan Stedman in 2004. Tired of working for big faceless computer corporations and fed up with the seemingly uncaring word of tech repair, he wanted to achieve two goals. The first was to provide exceptional computers. These computers would have the best and latest innovations in parts and software, designed for the customer’s specific needs. All of the pieces and parts would be easily upgradable, saving the client time and money. The second was to combine the care for each client with the troubleshooting skills of a trained and certified computer technician.

Since starting, Stedman Computer Solutions has achieved both goals, helping us become one of the fastest growing computer companies. We have branched out into almost every aspect of computer solutions, including set-up and maintenance of networks, diagnostics, virus removal, installations, re-installations, and so much more! We now have satisfied clients all over Northern California (Sonoma County, Marin County and all over the Bay Area) and also Idaho, Illinois and Iowa. We also have international clients in Canada, France, Greece and Mexico.

In 2019 Stedman Computer Solutions added an office in Connecticut with on-site support based in the Hartford area. SCS New England is operated by Jesse Faulk, who got his start in Northern California in 2005. Since relocating to central Connecticut in 2014 and planting firm roots in South Windsor, he has SCS NE taking care of clients primarily in Hartford and Tolland Counties.

Word of mouth is spreading, and we attribute this to our extraordinary products and services, as well as the importance we place on each of our customers’ needs.