Ten fingers, two hands and one huge leap.

Leap Motion

For years, I have been interfacing with the computer the same way, mouse and keyboard. I have also been worried about carpal tunnel because I have been doing the same thing with a mouse and keyboard for over 20 years. The leap motion is a completely new way of interfacing with the computer; I am very excited to get my hands on one of these devices. I will be sure to let you know how it works!

It’s a new frontier for hands and fingers.

The Leap Motion Controller is an easy, natural, and fun way to browse the web, read articles, and move around your desktop. But the best parts are Leap Motion apps. You've never seen apps like these before, because this technology never existed before. Crush bad guys with your bare hands. Make music and art with just a finger. Soar around the sun. Reach for the stars (seriously). You’ll be way more into gaming, designing, creating, and exploring when you can interact in 3D. There’s only one place to discover all kinds of amazing: Airspace.