Asus AC2400


If you are looking for the end-all to be all 802.11 AC router, look no further than the ASUS AC 2400. We had done some testing with the original Netgear Nighthawk series and the new X4, but the lights just looked cheesy like they were from the 90's with white LED blocks. I don't know why they went with those. The user interface on the Asus was nice, clean and concise. Everything was right there in front of you. No digging to find the special features or IP version 6, it was just all there. The Netgear was fast, but definitely had some Wi-Fi connectivity issues in the two that we tested. On the other hand, this Asus out-of-the-box worked flawlessly and noticeably faster in my apartment and at my office than the Netgear Nighthawk. It is just a little bit thinner than the Netgear Nighthawk. With the blue LEDs situated in the front, it looks clean. The USB ports are inconvenient behind the trapdoor, but to be honest I never hook anything to my router personally. They are there and they are USB 3.0, if you want them. This is definitely the best router out there at the moment.