Samsung SM951 SSD M.2

Samsung SM951 SSD

Our Distributor told us that this did not exist and did not know what I was talking about what is the tech world coming to. We would like to put these on our high in gaming machines but they are very difficult to get a hold of. At this point, these are only available inside of Lenovo laptops you can find a few of them floating around eBay but I would be careful. We are actually trying to order one from the Lenovo parts department otherwise there’s a 12 to 14 week wait time through a company that imports them directly from Samsung. Seeing, as I have never worked with them before I am reluctant to throw down over $500 and waiting that long for something with the company have never worked with before.
And these are hands-down the fastest solid-state on the market currently we would like to offer them in all our gaming machines and even some workstations due to the incredible speeds but their limited availability has made them not sellable at the moment. I will keep trying.