SilverStone FT05

I have been using a Silverstone FT 02 case for about three years now; I have loved how the motherboard was orientated in a 90° angle. I do not understand why more manufacturers do not utilize this. Heat rises this makes it so everything is pointing up instead of back. This coupled with three massive fans on the floor with a filter makes for incredible cooling without generating a lot of noise.

When I saw the new Silverstone FT 05 case, I was really excited they had gotten rid of a lot of useless things inside. There are no optical drive bays. There is room for two 3 ½ inch hard drives in an optional plastic insert. However, if you plan to use a real power supply something greater than 850 W you will not be able to fit this and the power supply in the computer at once. With the prices of solid-state drives, it would be silly not to use solid states in which there are room for two of them on the backside of the motherboard along with a slim optical drive bay. There is just enough room to shoehorn the new X99 Asus Rampage V Extreme in this case. A lot of website say this will not fit but they are just incorrect as you can see in the picture below there is quite a bit of extra space between that regular motherboard and the floor. In the one thing to keep in mind is with the new DDR 4 memory make sure you get something that does not have a huge heat spreader this will conflict with the water-cooling unit that I know you would want to run. They have added many of the features that the FT 02 had but were not as thought-out. Like the filters on the fans are held on with magnets and are easily removed without opening the case on the FT 05, whereas on the FT 02 you had to remove the side panel to access them. In addition, to access any of your ports on the FT 02 you had to pop the top off the case, which was just held in with friction clips which was a pain, on the FT 05 and you just slide it back and it easily lifts off.

I would recommend this case to anyone looking to build a compact well-ventilated gaming machine or workstation that still needs room for an extended ATX motherboard.