Corsair M65

I had still been searching for a replacement for my Logitech G9X and I have found it. Logitech's G502 is a technological marvel, but at the same time, it was not a perfect replacement for the G9X. Corsairs M65 feels much more like a G9X and does not have as many unnecessary high-tech things going on the mouse that I do not use. The other thing that corsair added is corsairs RGB lighting system, so it can match your case and keyboard. Which Logitech, for whatever reason, on the G502 decided no one wanted any other color except for blue. It makes no sense if you have a red gaming machine with a red keyboard. It just doesn't look right. Like their keyboards, this mouse's backbone is made of aluminum and you can adjust the weight with the weights at the bottom of the mouse. These screw into the base plate unlike the Logitech that has a plastic flap that is magnetically held to the bottom of the mouse. I own both of these mice and I find myself reaching for the Corsair when I am playing a first-person shooter or any game for that matter more than the Logitech, even though the Logitech has more tech built into it. It even feels like the G9X with the way it is textured. We will see what Logitech will do next but for now, I am gaming with this.