Geforce GTX 1080

As soon as EVGA puts their custom ACX 3.0 cooler on a GTX 1080, we will have two of these in our test machine. There isn’t too much more to be said about this card other than it blows everything else out of the water. When you put two in SLI, you will finally have enough power to run 4K properly.
Now, it's just a matter of waiting for ASUS to make a Republic of gaming 4K @ 144hz gaming monitor. Only time will tell. I am really excited to get my hands on one of these cards and see how much more performance it has first-hand, rather than just benchmark numbers on the Internet. 


I’m also really excited to see that they’ve put some more energy into SLI. More bandwidth means more speed, more speed is good. Hopefully more and more game developers will get the ball rolling by coding SLI into their games. It reminds me of back in the day, when certain games couldn’t work with dual-core CPUs, seems ridiculous now. But the fact that some games don’t get SLI support for months if not years, or never in the case of Wolfenstein, sounds absurd.