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Stedman Computer Solutions is Sonoma County’s foremost computer repair specialists; in California we have On-Site Support in: Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Windsor, Petaluma and Calistoga. Additionally, we now offer on-site support in central Connecticut. We service nationwide remotely.

We specialize in custom workstations for business, bespoke high-end gaming machines for any budget.
Focusing on small businesses in Sonoma County and Hartford County, fixing existing messes or helping you start from zero.
We work in partnership with all the name brand computer companies (Acer, Asus, HP, Lenovo, MSI, Panasonic, Razer and Samsung). We can cut through the red tape if you need something warrantied or If you need your computer repaired we can do it in house.
Stedman Computer Solutions has been helping Sonoma County since 2004 and Hartford County starting in 2019. Big or Small, we have a solution for you.

What we can do.


Connect. Diagnose. Fix.
When an issue crops up, we can jump into a support session instantly. 

Our Managed IT Service delivers a comprehensive IT department for your small business. Managed IT is a Proactive opposed to Reactive IT services.

Our consultants are professionally trained and certified in all aspects of computer technology. We work with businesses and home users, in everything from building custom machines to the setup and troubleshooting of the software that runs them and the networks to keep them connected.

At Stedman computer solutions we like the power of three when it comes to backups. 
Local, external hard drive/network attached storage and cloud.

Each computer system is custom tailored for each customer and hand built with the utmost precision by a professionally trained and certified SCS technician. We use only the best name brand computer parts on the market

One Man - One Computer
Handcrafted perfection: every single SCS Gaming System is the work of one man.