Managed IT Services

Our Managed IT Service delivers a comprehensive IT department for your small business.

Managed IT is a Proactive opposed to Reactive IT services. The reactive approach is when disaster strikes you call an IT company to fix the problem, and this creates a lot of downtime because it’s very unpredictable. With managed IT we make sure your systems are patched and up to date. We provide monitoring software, antivirus, ad blocking and anti-malware to make sure these threats stay at bay. We schedule when we do updates and when things need to be pushed through.

This allows for much faster support because we have remote access to all the systems; when your employees call about a computer problem we don’t spend any time getting connected, we just connect and fix the problem.

What we do.

  • We began by assessing your current IT needs, workstations, software and operating systems.

  • This builds a clear picture of your business operations as well as the potential hazards.

  • We get to know your business intimately including your expectations and your budget.

  • We will proactively monitor your system and avoid downtime.

  • You will avoid large hourly bills were unexpected computer disasters.

  • You will finally have systems running at peak performance with no annoying pop-ups, viruses, everything will be up to date and running.