Repair Services

Our consultants are professionally trained and certified in all aspects of computer technology. We work with businesses and home users, in everything from building custom machines to the setup and troubleshooting of the software that runs them and the networks to keep them connected. We can help you get your computer system up and running faster than any other company in Sonoma County, with an unsurpassed professionalism and attention to all of our client's needs.

Remote Services

Connect. Diagnose. Fix.
When an issue crops up, we can jump into a support session instantly. Connect to the remote computer, see the screen and take control. You can be anywhere in the world. This makes it easy to identify and solve problems fast so you can keep working — and be happy

Virus Removal

Removal of any Virus, Malware, Spyware from your computer system. We are partnered with Emsisoft, a simple and affordable antivirus. We can even help with the Dreaded Ransomware.

Repairs & Upgrades

If your computer just won’t start we are experts in troubleshooting hardware issues and repairing them. We can do any computer repair.
Not only do we build custom machines. We can upgrade your current system to get the most performance out of it. We know which components have the most bang for your buck. 
We will also be honest if your machine is just too old we will recommend not wasting your money, opposed to selling you a part that won’t help, just to get the sale.

Software Installations & Configurations

Is that new version of QuickBooks not wanting to install over the old one, new speakers not making any sound? We can help we know the subtle nuances of getting your software or components working right the first time.

DC Jack Replacement & Repair

This is a tricky one we’ve never understood why manufacturers use such cheap components for such a vital part of a laptop. We will be happy to replace your DC Jack or Solder on a new one depending upon how your laptop is manufactured. Certain makes and models of notebooks are almost designed to fail and trying to replace this part will almost certainly end in failure. Once again, we will be honest and let you know up front if the device is just too old or going to cause more problems by taking it apart.

Laptop Screen Repair & Replacement

Most laptop screens can be replaced easily. Just let us know the make and model and serial number of the notebook and we will get you a quote.