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We have been selling and using Asus notebooks internally for over ten years now, they are above and beyond the best laptop’s on the market currently. The best warranty in the industry, on ALL their notebooks from the $799 special all the way up to the Lamborghini laptops. What is so good about it? They come with a 1-year accidental warranty, any other brand this warranty could add up to $500.

I would recommend Asus notebooks to anyone looking for a quality product.

X1 Carbon Touch

If you are looking for a business laptop look no further Lenovo has everybody be hands-down for business.  The latest mobile broadband cards for connecting to your 3G or 4G network of choice. At the office, home, or on-the-go, maximize your productivity from anywhere with the progressive craftsmanship, legendary reliability and extreme power of ThinkPad PCs.

On most models, you can customize the laptop to fit any need. This is one of the last of the good brands that allows you to do this most force you to pick from what they think you need.



If you are looking for a notebook that can survive almost anything and do not mind paying for it, then the Panasonic Toughbooks are the Notebooks for you. Used all over the world by the military and law enforcement, these are the toughest notebooks out there. With the latest generation hardware, these notebooks are fast as well as tough.

We are excited to provide Panasonic Toughbook’s to our customers.



Razer is dedicated to products that focused on PC gaming. If you are looking for something that is just for gaming on the go look no further. These have some of the most cutting edge technology built into them..

We are very proud to have Razer laptops available to our customers.