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I have been working with Ben of Stedman Computer Solutions for the past two years as regular maintenance on our work computer system.

He is a sharp shooter, very knowledgeable and professional.  We all love him in our office and enjoy days that Ben comes to visit.  

It is interesting for the guy to be so young and so together, if you want your computer in good hands then he won't steer you wrong.  He is honest and will offer a fair price for his services.  

If you are in need of some technological medical attention, Ben is your man.  And he is adorable to boot. (no pun intended)

— Mandy L., Santa Rosa, CA

Helped me fix my computer remotely.

They definitely know what they are doing! Ben was very informative and explained what he was doing to my computer in detail.. Ben also gave me lots of info about security, virus protection and data management and helped me set up some maintenance services to keep my computer running smoothly. Also was very fair in the billing. Very happy with the services and my computer is running wonderfully now! Thank you!!

— Kelly M., South Lake Tahoe, CA

I always go to Stedman Computer Solutions whenever I have a question regarding IT or anything computer related. Ben always answers my questions and figures out what will work best for what I need.

I've also personally worked with Ben on a few projects. He's great to work with, does a good job, and makes excellent computers. I always consult him before moving forward with my own personal projects and computers. I would highly recommend Ben for all of your computer solutions no matter how big or small. He'll get you up and running with the best equipment.

—Adam K., Peosta, IA

I was a first time customer with a crashed hard drive in an older laptop.

Ben miraculously was able to jumpstart it, if only temporarily. Since we both knew it was not a long-term solution, Ben was able to get me a good deal on a new Lenovo that is perfect for my use. If you have issues, take them to him. He can help if anyone can - prompt, great service.

—Mike K., Santa Rosa, CA

Great service, knowledgeable and reliable.

I've worked with Ben for over 7 years. Very satisfied.

— Jeff W., Santa Rosa, CA





Great customer service. Very nice and knowledgeable . Just got a gaming PC from him and its beautiful. Can't wait to take it through the ringer!

—Mike R., Rohnert Park, CA

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